“Long Live Hip-Hop”






Hip Hop is Dead, Long live Hip Hop

  We said that we loved the music and the culture, that we would live this way for the rest of our lives. We promoted the parties, carried the records, begged the DJ’s and we preformed for little or nothing. When I said I love HIP HOP. I meant it and this song is my salute to all of you that have nurtured the music and the culture. To all of you that never sold out.

Hip Hop Culture raised My Mentality

The culture and its music raised my mentality and gave me a sense of belonging. To this day my favorite mental exercises to this day are poetry and songwriting, a habit formed during my time as an active Hip Hop artist. In fact, I write as much as possible, but the issues I write about reflect my years and I think Carry more weight due to my life experience. Writing keeps me cognizant of who I am, mindful that we are living in a rapidly changing world. Writing keeps me hungry for knowledge and solutions to real problems.

   A sense of purpose

Yes, Hip Hop culture gave me a sense of style and a sense of purpose. Because of rap music, I have been able to express my Hopes, frustrations and reconcile my pain. Hip Hop Culture has taken me far and wide. Through this beautiful Culture, I have been blessed to have met people from all walks of life. No matter the skin tone or economic circumstances Hip Hop allowed us to connect and share.


Hip Hop is Alive,

Long live Hip Hop.







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