For M the only women that ever loved me without condition. I was young and I was hurting and I didn’t have knowledge of self. If I had been as conscious and aware as you were at the time maybe things would have been different. I remember you hating profanity. You told me I didn’t need vulgarity because I was smart . I would claim artistic freedom and laugh,laugh,laugh.  I think of you and the plans we made. I tried to do all the things in life you encouraged me to do. You attempted  to nurture a broken soul even though your own soul was broken. You saved my life and gave me the courage to leave home and to dream. I wrote this song for you but it’s hard for me to listen to it. When I do I feel like I failed you. Please forgive my short comings and know I forgive yours. I pray everyday that your soul has found peace. I still love you and I Thank you for EVERYTHING…


Happy produced & written by STRIVERS TV




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