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will rap for food

part 1


Will rap for food part 1 As a Socio Political Hip Hop Artist I had to come to, the conclusion. That I was attempting to be apart of a cut throat industry. That ment that certain avenues would be inaccessible to me as a artist unless I was willing to compromise. By the time that my skill set and my aspirations were running parrell to each other. I was faced with a decision. The only decsion one could make in a profit driven competition. Change or die !

  Do I change who I already know myself to be, for money? Or Do I persevere leaning on the faith that my creator would see me through? It’s funny looking back with perspective and knowledge at my younger self. My early exposure to some of the musical greats. The stages I have been on. The people I have met in my travels. the funniest part of all is that I never wanted Fame or should I say to be Famous. I wanted to be a Successful Hip Hop Artist. I wanted to nuture the culture and its music.


in the midst of it’s golden age


 I came into the culture in the midst of it’s golden age. Everyone was unique. Everyone had a voice. We listened to the music with reverence for the artistry and the honesty. That is the covenant you made with the music. To be yourself and to show and prove in your demonstration. I don’t want you to get me wrong. It is a wonderful thing to see this music that was maglined as trivial and passing. Surpass all the limits of the naysayers. Do Billions of sales and change the world. I love all of that. But what I cared about most was the art.

Without the art all you have is a product. A cast of a mold made specifically to make money. Each with the same dimensions. Fitting into the same holes. No new horizions and fuled by the same stories of violence , sex or both. What’s left out of the equation are the people. The artist and the listener. That is the real shame. Now, There are exceptions to that rule even and I commend and celebrate the individuals that were able to break through the wall.


The ASPIRATIONS the new ideas

Like myself there are millions of souls that can attest to the power of music. Specifically Hip Hop in this case. The aspirations the new ideas and the vibrations changed my life. Even the most secular rap music was enpowering because of the individuality of the artist. As that changed I was forced to walk away. I must admit that I was tempted by expediancy and a empty stomach but the Creator had plans for my life. Each time something happened that made me walk away,thankfully.

(to be continued)…..