From The Garden of Zen

    From The Garden of Zen   From the Garden of Zen, that I planted and nurtured. I am finally embarking on my urban sustainability journey. When I began I didn’t really understand how the process of getting closer to the fundamentals of living would positively impact my life. How I would find myself […]

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The 7th Dispatch episode #2. BEFORE YOU DRINK THAT!

Access to clean water and access to the truth will be the defining issues of the New Century. Before you drink that! is the latest installment from the 7th Dispatch. Peace, Love, Reciprocity to one and all. Before you drink the water or the kool-aid think, please.

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“What do you have to lose?”

“What do you have to lose?”                       Pressing concerns world-changing events. Know what you have and be thankful enough to fight for it. What do you have to lose? An Age-old question from a president that has never known the struggle. Fight for this notion […]

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GINGER ” You need this!”

    GINGER IS AMAZING For over 10,000 years the ginger root has been a companion plant for Humanity.

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Cayenne Pepper Tea RECIPE – Wow!


March 9, 2018


Cheyenne Pepper Tea RECIPE 

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Applecider-Vinegar is Amazing

Apple Cider Vinegar   Vinegar on NeckBones is a southern thing for sure. Have you ever wondered why that outside of taste and tradition, this delicacy came into being?

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STRIVERS TV – SPITTT (Long Live Hip Hop)

      SPITTT “Long Live Hip-Hop” “SPITTT” PRODUCED & WRITTEN BY   STRIVERS TV   Hip Hop is Dead, Long live Hip Hop   We said that we loved the music and the culture, that we would live this way for the rest of our lives. We promoted the parties, carried the records, begged the […]

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STRIVERS TV “LaLa – the same song”

“La La – The same song” On sale now !!! Produced & Written by STRIVERS TV “LA-LA, The same song” produced & written by STRIVERS TV   After all, we have been through in this country. We the people of America deserve the opportunity to unify.  I believe in the chance that AMERICA has been […]

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“When applied”>> Capsaicin “♡” Capsaicin (/kæpˈseɪ.ɪsɪn/ (INN); 8-methyl-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide)

Capsaicin The Best Topical Nature can make Capsaicin If you name it (sports creams,rubs and liniments) I have probably tried it. CAPSAICIN is consistently been the most effective remedy for my many aches and pains. Plant derived and long lasting relief and extremely cost effective. Made from the pepper plant capsaicin is an extract. When applied […]

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