LALA (The same song)


LALA (The same song)

Strivers TV- LaLa The Same Song


LALA (The same song)



After all, we have been through in this country. We the people of America deserve the opportunity to unify.  I believe we have a chance to be that shining city on the hill. Even though the man that coined the phrase did not believe in people that look like me. I am the dream of a slave and I intend to live out the American creed.  The two biggest obstacles and hindrances to the evolution of my community and country have been racism and classicism. 

If the power brokers of this country refuse to stop pitting the disenfranchised and those that have little or nothing against each other. This country will break into.  The cabal of the rich and powerful coddles racist and eugenics zealots. They think that this sustainable, but history proves, it’s not. LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS for all is the only way.  I wrote this song for the culture, the community, the disenfranchised and for those, hanging on to the Dream, even if barely.

I’m singing about loss, but more so about striving to gain and about holding on. “Freedom ain’t free” it never has been. Your voice and your work are necessary, especially now.  By now we should have flying cars and no poverty. What happened? Greed happened as it always happens.  The country is in debt, climate change is real and we have an obligation to act. We can not keep listening to the same sad song. The song that says we can’t overcome our problems. The song that divides us.






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